Searches are first performed through the files of the USPTO using the database available only at the Patent Office facilities. This unique database is the same as that used by Patent Office Examiners in the course of prosecution for each application. It has many advantages over other internet-based search engines, including the integrity of the data and speed of retrieval.

We don't stop there...

In addition to the expected boolean keyword search, each patent search is extended to include a comprehensive Class search, using the US Patent Office Manual of Classification. Each appropriate class/subclass is thoroughly searched, including the earliest Patent issued into each subclass. In this way, we pick up numerous references that are invariably missed by depending on boolean word searches.

Depending on the technology, a vast number of pertinent US Patents are outside the range of the text database which comprises less than half of issued US Patents. For much novelty work, especially for those Patents originating from private inventors or which seek to make improvements in established technologies, these can be and often are the most pertinent references. The absence of these important references from preliminary searches performed online can result in embarrassing and potentially expensive 103 and even 102 rejections.

The databases for Published Applications, European Patent Office, and Japanese Patent Office are also included as available. We will also generally consult with a Patent Office Examiner in the appropriate Art Unit for further information and insight into the disclosure.

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