Albright IP does not handle the prosecution of your patent application, nor can we represent you or your invention in any way to the US Patent and Trademark Office, or advocate for your ideas. We are not a Law Firm.

We perform professional, experienced search work in the US Patent and Trademark Office to help determine whether or not your invention is novel, and to what extent it may be considered patentable. But we do not make that determination.

Our clients are almost exclusively Patent Attorneys or Patent Agents employed in Law Firms or Corporate offices; they make decisions regarding patentability based, in part, on the results of our search work. You can find a list of Patent Attorneys and Agents on the official US Patent and Trademark Office site.

If you feel confident that you want to make an investment in obtaining a US Patent, hiring a competent registered Patent Attorney or Agent should be your first step. If you feel comfortable with Albright IP, we invite you to recommend our services to them and let them contact us in order to perform the search.

We do not offer marketing services. Beware. While there are some reputable marketing firms, many are elaborate scams aimed at taking your money. We will make no recommendations or give specific warnings, but will strongly advise that you thoroughly research any company that makes claims regarding their ability to successfully market your ideas or patents.

So...What can we offer inventors?

We can help you if you...

We provide the same level of professional service for inventors as we do for attorneys, and for the same fee.

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