Patentability (Prior-Art, Novelty) Searches: $550 (average for general mechanical searching), $1100 (average for other electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical searches)

Validity Studies (Mechanical): $110/hour. Estimates are available.
Validity Studies (Electrical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical): $200/hour.

Infringement Studies (Mechanical): $110/hour. Estimates are available.
Infringement Studies (Electrical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical): $200/hour.

Trademark Searches: $220

Copyright Searches: $220

Consulting: $110/hour or $1000/diem. Estimates are available.

Incidental costs and Government Fees will be added to these charges as incurred.
Copies of US Patents emailed in TIF format: $3.00/Patent.

If you need to obtain copies of file wrappers or other like documents, we recommend ADH Patent Services


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